Sports Injury

Injuries can occur while exercising, playing sports, or simply by an unanticipated mishap. If you have been injured and live or work in and around Wheaton, IL, Dr. Carlo Leon at Central Dupage Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can treat your current injury and help you to understand how to prevent future injuries. 

Chiropractic Care & Sports Injuries

It is essential to seek an evaluation to determine the extent of your injuries. Without a proper exam, injured athletes or weekend warriors may mistakenly choose to continue to participate and –

  • Take unnecessary risks because their injured bodies are now more vulnerable to an even more severe injury.
  • Play at a suboptimal level.

And while many people think an over-the-counter painkiller or two will do the trick, the reality is it only masks the pain and never addresses the cause of it and may actually create a false sense that you are playing when you should be sitting out and recovering.

Chiropractic Treatment Options

Treatment for sports injuries from a professional chiropractor typically focuses on the relief of pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and/or legs.

However, Dr. Leon will also emphasize his focus on the underlying issues, such as –

  • A muscle imbalance
  • Poor sports or exercise habits
  • A biomechanical defect
  • Inappropriate conditioning and training routines, and more  

A sports injury chiropractor will help offer suggestions regarding stretching, warming up, and other injury prevention techniques.

Chiropractors Keep You Playing Optimally

Many people who exercise or play sports get sidelined with injuries that are potentially avoidable. Another reason for injuries is that the specific injury does not respond well to traditional medicine. 

Chiropractic care is accomplished without the use of pharmaceutical medicines. It also provides a way to tweak your level of performance while learning to prevent injuries in the future. Proper spinal alignment allows one to perform at peak efficiency, fight daily stress, and find quicker recovery time. The most common treatments for sports injuries include –

  • Chiropractic Adjustments/Manipulations
  • Myofascial Therapy
  • Electrical Stimulation Therapy

Contact a Leading Sports Injury Chiropractor in Wheaton, IL Today

Have you suffered a sports injury that continues to disrupt daily life? A customized treatment plan can help you recover from your injury, increase your performance on the field or court and allow you to stay fit and healthy while living a pain-free, active life.

For additional information, contact Dr. Leon or a Central Dupage Chiropractic & Rehabilitation staff member at 630-665-7266 or online.

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