Back Pain Treatment

Our backs carry the brunt of everything that we do during the day, making back pain a common issue. Because there are several back pain causes, there are several methods of back pain treatment. At Central DuPage Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Dr. Carlo Leon and his team offer several options including chiropractic adjustments, myofascial therapy, and electrical stimulation therapy in the Wheaton, IL area.

Because the central focus of the body comes to the back, pain often comes from a couple of common issues. 

Muscles have their limits. Frequent lifting, carrying, and standing can put a lot of strain on the back muscles. Twisting while doing these actions can even aggravate them.

Disc Injury
The spinal column is held up by vertebrae resting neatly on one another, separated by a cushioning disc. Improper use of the back, or even a jarring impact, can cause these discs to come out of alignment. When this happens, discs can become herniated, also called “slipped” or “bulging,” causing tingling, pain, or numbness.

Depending on the cause of the back pain, our chiropractor will use one or more treatment options available for the optimum result.

Chiropractic Adjustments
If there is spinal misalignment, a chiropractic adjustment will manually place the vertebrae back into place. This relieves any pressure from pinched or slipped discs or nerves. 

If your body has experienced any type of fall, or sudden impact, it is likely that your back will benefit from a spinal realignment.

Myofascial Therapy
Back pain can often result in a reduction of a range of mobility. Reduced use of these muscles results in weaker muscles and reduced flexion, with the cycle continuing. Myofascial therapy is focused on releasing tightness and shortness in the muscles. 

Electric Stimulation Therapy
By inducing controlled currents of electricity to the body, the targeted muscles will be forced to flex and relax. This has been shown to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. 

If your back is in pain and you are seeking the most ideal back pain treatments, look no further. Call 630-665-7266 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Carlo Leon and learn how the team at Central DuPage Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can help you on your path to recovery!

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