Neck Pain Treatments

Neck pain has many causes. One of the most important things is to get a correct diagnosis so that the right treatment can be prescribed. One thing is for sure, with chiropractic care, the approach will be holistic and look at the whole body, not just the symptoms. Dr. Carlo Leon of Central DuPage Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Wheaton, IL offers a variety of treatments that can help you to enjoy a pain-free life. 


The vertebrae in the neck can become misaligned and when this happens, pain can be the result both in the spine itself and in the surrounding muscles. By getting the alignment correct, everything will function as it was meant to. Messages get through freely and this allows all the parts to work efficiently. This can help to relieve the neck pain you are suffering from. Manipulation can be very gentle, or it can be vigorous. Your chiropractor knows many different techniques. 

Myofascial therapy

When the bands that surround the muscles become inflamed or taut and tense, it is painful. Knots can form, and the area becomes painful to the touch. Myofascial therapy works on these knots to break them up and the scar tissue. 


Electric stimulation therapy uses electric current at a low level to make muscles relax. Not only that, the stimulation reduces inflammation and promotes the release of endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. 


When your neck hurts, massage therapy may be the answer to your pain relief. A relaxation massage focuses on the neck and shoulders and gently encourages the tightness to relax. Having a massage before or after an adjustment works very well to make them both work better.


Therapeutic exercises are a personalized program of exercise designed for you and your neck. It helps you continue being pain-free after your treatment is complete. 

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If you have neck pain, you can count on Dr. Carlo Leon of Central DuPage Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Wheaton, IL to provide the treatments that will provide relief for your pain. Call our office at 630-665-7266 or complete the contact form on our website. 

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